Sam Booker


Eulogy for Bats

Someone I love dearly has died. That she was a cat and not a human being doesn’t make that any easier to say or to

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The Cake Had Blue Frosting

The Cake had blue frosting The cake had blue frosting, the kind which gleamed with transparent splendour from the gently swinging chandelier lights above. In

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Stellar Tombs

Stellar Tombs Draconian has just released its 6th studio album, Sovran, and Stellar Tombs, their first music video since 2012, debut on Jan. 28, 2016

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Bridges No matter how many Zen mentors or books or phases I experience, nothing has ever seemed to change my sentiment towards life in general.

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King Tuna

King Tuna “That was the day Mr.Tuna got himself covered in jellyfish. More than he knew what to do with. He wore it like a

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air Tremble winced and lifted a dust-covered hand to catch the heavy drop of sweat clinging precariously to his right eyebrow. He held his fingers

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sparrows …and the morning was faint drifting above the distant midnight of dawn’s silent red-orange sky serene pine like your smooth brown hair Tourmaline slides across

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Glowing Blue

blue do you remember the color of the skythe night the rain made spirals in your eyesas you stared into the eternal mirrorof the sidewalkgreatful

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Sleep mode

Sleep mode (a script excerpt…) In the morning around 5:30am, she rolls over to the laborious grinding of the litter maid in the kitchen down

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Feral My fur is matted with the dust of forgotten sadnessAnd my tail twitches not with fortitudeMy eyes hold still the sight of youAfter all

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