Sam Booker


Feral My fur is matted with the dust of forgotten sadnessAnd my tail twitches not with fortitudeMy eyes hold still the sight of youAfter all

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Ruin Through moss green rooms I wanderedthrough dusty windows crawlone after anotherdown broken stairs I fall Picking up the piecesglittering upon the floorspushing them through

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Dandelion Seeds

Dandelion seeds The above poem has been incorporated into a song by my dear friend Daniel Anghede for his band Venus Principle I awoke this

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2:28 am

2:28am there was no friend to call tonightso fifteen hairs in a weightless tanglekeep me company as i soak my mindentwining like threads around my

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still I am sitting alone watching the worldOutside my window flutter and shiftAs I lay stillI try to find my voice in the stereoAnd some

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reunion I breathe against your skinAnd discover eternity in the pause`the musical notes of our silenceBefore I allow my heart to beatOur eyes interlocked in

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ghosts Hello moon, my dearest friendHow many times have we faced one another?I have a message to sendDown through the city lightsTell him we are

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