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do you remember the color of the sky
the night the rain made spirals in your eyes
as you stared into the eternal mirror
of the sidewalk
greatful for every breath, as a child
your hair is black and sharp as a clipped wing
I was the unnecessary angel
Recording existence with you in every blink
Memories only bleeding colors of autumn
your embrace forever amber and white
a photograph I hide
in the secret tree outside
where you wander
glowing blue
I could never be like you
I know only the same song and continue to sing it
growing old in an instant
with a rembrant landscape melting before us
lakes of wax and christmas lights
Getting lost in the adventure of youth
I am still passing as many graveyards as then
turning corners in the music box
you keep me in
i know only the same song and continue to play it

– 2012-