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I breathe against your skin
And discover eternity in the pause
`the musical notes of our silence
Before I allow my heart to beat
Our eyes interlocked in the gaze of infinity
A thousand futures flashing by
But only one reality, this
Why do we keep pretending?
I listen intently to what is not said
stirring like caterpillar soup
Forming wings within the cocoon of my head
Through the science of “I love you but I’m still leaving”
We kiss like curious children
Growing up with a taste of serendipity
Tart-sanguine-sharp-saltine-alcoholic and slow
Until we run out of breath and are reborn
Moths without a means to fly
Unfolding instead upon a jet plane
Distance becomes uncircumstantial
Always returning again to the flame
And beyond our flesh simply pressed
Intertwined and intercoursed
One DNA twisting around another
We become an invisible vibration of memory

– 2005-