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The Cake had blue frosting

The cake had blue frosting, the kind which gleamed with transparent splendour from the gently swinging chandelier lights above. In the centre, seventy-seven candles jutted out in every direction, their twisted and spindly crowns aflame.

Aeternis dragged a finger across the nearest edge, her face glowing with delight, and let out a small squeal as a dark red syrup seeped down the side from the gorge she had made.

The Maibd seated in a semicircle around her clapped gleefully, and slid forward from their silken pillows to join in the light-hearted massacre. Their laughter echoed through the chamber like thousands of tiny silver bells, and even the Disciples sitting peacefully near the grand arched doors could not help but smile.

With eyes closed, Aeternis savoured the rich and sinful flavour on her tongue. She was feeling unnaturally languid, and sank deeper into her silks. Blackness met her there and embraced her.

“AHHHOWW! NURGLE’S NUTSACK!” The elf twisted around at the sharp stab on the back of her hand. A candle had fallen? Her eyes flew open.

“ORC KISSING MOTHERF-” Domine let out an impatient squawk as Aeternis lurched forward into a kneel. The boat rocked slightly against the bank, and the elf steadied herself before blowing a loose strand of hair from her eyes. Her arms were pulled back awkwardly and the frayed threads of the rope that bound them poked sharply into the raw flash of her wrists.

The knot had been pecked valiantly close to granting her freedom, and as the memory of Ashelyn’s perfect rosy cheeks came back to her, an urgent whimper escaped her throat.

“Hey there pretty girl,” she cooed to the bird, who sat cocking its eye from the safety of the boat’s bow, “let’s get me free, alright?” Domine cawed once in response and lifted her wings, her feet working up and down in a small circle. “Come here!” Aeternis growled at the creature, the anxiety making her voice crack. The raven simply twitched its head back and forth, its eyes darting from the far riverbank and back to the elf.

“What?” She insisted, “what are you telling me?”

From Warhammer Fantasy Battles Vol 2 - 2010 -